Tinker, a female orange-and-white cat
Date of Birth: 
July 1, 2012
quirky and affectionate

Tinker was rescued in the Austin area.  She is healthy and affectionate, but was not welcomed at her foster home by another rescue cat!  So she is now in another foster home.

Tinker is a BIG, long haired orange tabby with white, tuxedo markings. She weighs 16+ pounds. She is extremely affectionate, healthy, and uses the litterbox like a champ.  Her only vice seems to be destroying any toilet paper roll she gets her paws on and pulling all bath towels off their racks. She likes sleeping in  the sink (and she fills it up with her big self) and eating.  Tinker makes a"pillow" herself by pulling hand towels down into her "sink bed."

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