Date of Birth: 
April 15, 2012
Gentle nature

I was rescued, along with my brother Spats, from a junkyard/trailer park in far east Austin. My beautiful gray mother Holley is very smart, calm, and savvy, as she has managed to survive for at least three years in this adverse environment.

At first I batted my little paws when approached because a human had never touched me. By the second day at my foster home, I decided that this life was not so bad -- it was sweet -- and I decided to let my foster mom pick me up and hold me close to her. I stay quiet and calm when being held; some say I'm a snuggler.  I play-fight with my brother from time to time, but

Generally I'm a laid-back kitten.  I must've inherited my gentle nature from my mother.  A very "goody" kitten I am, that would cuddle up to you right away.

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