Date of Birth: 
April 18, 2013
Talkative black tabby

Connor was born in a foster home April 18, 2013. He and his littermates are named after the members of the supergroup band "Monsters of Folk". He's named after Connor Oburst (Bright Eyes). Connor is a black tabby, but his stripes are only visible in bright sunlight. When Connor was a tiny baby his foster mom called him "Squally" because every time she got him out of the nest to weigh him, he screamed at the top of his lungs through the whole process until she put him back in the nest. His mother would get worried and come check on him while he was on the scale. He's grown up to be a very vocal kitten. Always talking. Like his brothers, he has a long face, huge ears, long tail, and lanky body. Combine that with his voice and you know he's got to have some Siamese blood in there somewhere. He's very affectionate and sweet. Connor uses the litter box faithfully. He's waiting to go home with a human of his own to love and talk to about everything. You'll never feel alone with this kitty in the house.

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