Date of Birth: 
February 25, 2015
Shy at first but quick to warm up and play.

Unavailable. Description from 2015 was:

I am Macavity, the only female kitten in my litter! I am a beautiful black kitty with white on my belly, under my front paws and a little under my chin. If you look really closely, I have subtle stripes! I am a black tabby.

I used to be shyer than my brothers, but now I think I just might be the sweetest. When I was a tiny kitten, I disappeared twice, into the craziest hiding places! Just like in the song from the musical, "Cats," from which I was named, my foster parents said, "Macavity's not there!"

And now I am very tame and not shy at all once you get to know me. And I no longer hide! Quite the contrary, I love attention; I love being petted and purr and purr. And I love to play! I play and have so much fun with my brothers and any toy put in front of me! I used to be quickest to run to my mama when she called and reunite with copious rubs and licks - now I reunite with my foster mom like that, always with lots of affection.

I am very special! I don't Iike being in a cage in a scary place, though, so if I seem upset and hiss when you first meet me, please know that that's not me; it's not the way I am at home at all!!!