Date of Birth: 
July 5, 2013
Fluffy blue


ADOPTED in June 2017.


Play trumpets! Roll the red carpet! King Malcolm cometh! As you can see from his photo, Malcolm is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. He is a smart dude, too. One time, despite not knowing the territory, Malcolm found his way home after being gone over night. Mal is protective of his home and territory although not aggressively so. He also protects his sister, Maudie (who is a lovely kitty as well). He is fine with other kitties although he’s not real social except with Maudie. He’s not so sure about dogs and we don’t know how he does around children. When he needs some peace and quiet, Malcolm will retreat behind the dryer.

Malcolm really likes people and really likes to be petted. He will sit with you and be your companion and pal. He is looking for his forever home and he’d like to find one with his sister Maudie if at all possible. They have lived all their lives together.