Date of Birth: 
June 21, 2013
Friendly and sociable

Very friendly, handsome, gray DSH boy. He’s a camo tiger with shadowy stripes. Gently playful boy. Inquisitive nature. An all-round great cat. The first to to check out new things. Loves people. He has a sweet, chirpy voice & his purr is on “auto” as soon as he sees you, hence his name. He will sit in a lap for snuggling, but not for long. Too much to see and do. Like his sibs, has a fondness for shoelaces (still on shoes). First intro to a collie was uneventful. He should acclimate quickly to a cat-friendly dog. Otto is a very sociable young cat & would fit well into just about any family situation. End note (literally), tends to hold tail  squirrel-like over back. A family trait shared by mom Catya and brother Oscar.

For more information, or to meet this cute kitty, call Melissa W. at 512-762-1046 (no texts, please).