Date of Birth: 
May 15, 2008
Loves head scratches

Pi was dropped off at a veterinary clinic in October 2012. Her owner was going through financial problems and had to move out of state. They couldn’t take Pi with them to the new home. Pi is a very sweet cat that loves head scratches.  She is pleasantly plump and sometimes needs an extra pair of hands to groom the hard to reach places.  She is not one to miss a meal and really enjoys someone being with her during meal times.  Because of Pi’s size she sometimes has a hard time using small litter boxes but has no problem with large covered boxes.  She has recently had some dental work done that caused her to lose most of her teeth, but don’t be fooled, that hasn’t slowed her appetite down.

For more information, or to meet this beautiful kitty, contact Melissa at melissacaffey@yahoo.com or call her at 512-577-0925.