Sparky, and adoptable blue/white cat
Date of Birth: 
September 21, 2013
CH cat?

ADOPTED in February 2017.

Sparky has a slight head wobble, and often holds her head at an angle. We believe she has a mild neurological condition, perhaps cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). But, don't let that fool you, Sparky is very clever, just as sweet as can be, and adores being petted.  At her foster home, she reaches from the cat scratcher wanting attention and to be petted. She's smart, a planner... They put barstools in front of the cabinet doors to keep her from opening them and climbing inside. That didn't curtail Sparky's ambitions. She opened the drawer just far enough to climb down into the cabinet. When they opened the cabinet door, out she climbed ready to be petted!