Date of Birth: 
April 15, 2012
Calm and quiet

My little brother Agouti and I were rescued from a junkyard/trailer park in far east Austin. My beautiful gray mother Holley is very smart, calm, and savvy, as she has managed to survive for at least three years in this adverse environment.

While my brother batted at humans at first, I just hid behind the carrier that was inside my large crate to avoid being touched.  Rescuers said my white paws and legs reminded me of spats of olden days, and the name stuck.  I like it because it is so macho, but I'm really very nice.  Since my foster home felt very safe, I tamed up in just a couple of days.  I do squirm a little bit when held for a while, but I have inherited a generally calm and quiet nature from my mother.  I do enjoy human companionship and would really like to be your lap kitty.

For more information or to arrange to meet this sweet kitty, please contact our adoption coordinator Jackie at or fill out our online adoption form.