Suzzie Q

Suzzie Q
Date of Birth: 
May 1, 2009
Prettiest silver tabby - stunning green eyes

Suzzie Q is absolutely as pretty as a plain silver tabby could ever be. She has beautiful coloring and an angelic face with green eyes that cause onlookers to exclaim, "look at those eyes." And she is sweet and loving and playful and she loves other cats, kittens and an old dog, and they love her.

Suzzie was apparently dumped as a tiny kitten with another cat in a single cat colony where my friend feeds. In spite of the wrath of the other cat, Suzzie stuck it out for a couple of weeks where she had food and water and shelter under a vacant house. My friend's tale of Suzzie's plight broke my heart. When I got her, her little head was all scratched from being smacked by the cat. However, Suzzie was friendly, sweet, playful, happy and just the best little girl.

Suzzie is fully vetted and totally ready for lots of loving and attention. Be aware the Q is a very busy girl and likes to go everywhere the action is, especially if it is a dangling string. She is always johnny on the spot.

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