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Anne Zabolio

Williamson County Rescues.

A friend told me about a sweet, 12 year old kitty who ended up at a kill shelter in Williamson County. Her owner had a grandchild. I have no idea how a grandchild and this dear kitty could be incompatible, but I went to get her. She is long haired, front declawed, white with very delicate calico spots, and the most demure and mellow kitty in the world. Her former name was Baby, but I renamed her Mary Helen, no doubt because I am a graduate of 12 years of Catholic school. (At least I didn't name her Sister Mary Helen.)

Mary Helen

When I got to the shelter, the director asked me if I would be interested in taking a brother and sister who had come in only that day. Two medium haired blue Manx cats with white feet and underbellies, Neal and Vivian were surrendered by their caretaker, who gave no reason. Once I got them home, however, I realized the reason, and the correct diagnosis. I am sure he gave them up because one of the cats was urinating on the floor.

It was Neal. He was also drinking water at an alarming rate. His fur was not as sleek nor clean as Vivian's. And he didn't walk as easily as she did. I took one look at him and thought: Diabetic. Our vet confirmed this diagnosis and Neal is now on insulin, and no longer drinking and peeing to beat the band.

I have given Neal and Vivian a last name: Soprano. They both seem quite Italian to me. Vivian rules the room where they live, keeping the other kitties in there in line. No one challenges Vivian. For a long time, until Neal was regulated on his insulin, he lived in a cage in another room but once he came out of the cage and was put into Vivian's room, she didn't bat an eye at him. Though she smacks other cats who get in her way, Vivian is always civil to her brother. He is grateful for that, I am sure.

Jolene and Bradley.

A nursing mother cat without kittens was surrendered to Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC). A few days later, a tiny male kitten came in with no mom. He was offered to her and they hit it off immediately. An adoption was born.

However, the kitten was too young to make it at TLAC. Many diseases run rampant in a changing population such as theirs, even with all the many precautions they take. The TLAC workers put out a plea for a group to take this pair. We agreed.

Bradley has the cutest kitten face you've ever seen. He is an imp. He is also a brat, jumping on anyone he meets, galloping around, tearing things up, he's all boy kitten! The only cat who will put up with him is his adoptive mom. Jolene allows him to pounce on her head, play-bite her, thrash her with his hind feet, you name it. She has infinite patience with him. Recently, he was taken to the vet to be neutered, where he had to stay an extra night because they had emergencies come in and couldn't do his surgery until the next day. Jolene worried about him and talked more than usual, probably asking where Bradley was. When he returned home, she was happy again.

He has been adopted and will soon be leaving. Jolene will go into another room where she will have other cats to entertain her. Hopefully, she will survive the loss of her baby. I will see that she gets lots of attention. A nice, quite kitty, she is certainly adoptable.


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