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Anne Zabolio

In the articles on July and Sweet Pea, I mentioned that these two animals had "sponsors," who, in their cases, are kindly donors who pay all their medical expenses. July's were considerable, between $1500 and $2000, and we would have been in debt up to our choke collars if July had not had Jennifer Pospisil footing her bills. Sweet Pea promises to take up quite a few financial resources also. Thanks to Annie Stuhr, who happened to be the poor sucker with me when Sweet Pea was found, this dog's expenses will be donated to Thundering Paws.

Sweet Pea will eventually be adopted, and her sponsorship will be taken on by her new human. July is feral and will remain here for life (unless she has some sort of spiritual experience or converts to Stepford-like domesticity.) Therefore, July's expenses will be ongoing, and Jennifer will continue to support her.

There are other cats here who are permanent residents. Many can be seen on our website. Angel, Zachary, and Woody are feral, along with not yet pictured Puffin, Percy, Towanda, and Arnica. Georgia, Neal, Alex, and Vangie are old or sick kitties who we will not ask to adapt to another situation, but will be allowed to live out their lives in a place where they know what to expect. Hank, Mercedes, Tuvak, and Abe either don't like any people or they like a few people who come here and spend time with them. I'd tell you which for each of these cats, but they are cats and it changes daily. And then there is Laurel. A gorgeous cat with Maine-Coon qualities, she has already been surrendered by one set of humans. She could theoretically be adopted, but only to just exactly the right person, one with no other cats, no children and probably no personality of her own. Laurel... well, you just have to meet her to understand.

These animals need sponsors. We'd certainly send you a picture of your sponsored kitty. And an e-mail update whenever you want it. (Realize that I am the director and all the office personnel, plus other hats too numerous to be listed.) What we would want in return is a pledge to support your animal via a monthly donation of at least $10, and to be available to help with or pay for vet bills when necessary. It would be like having a cat but without the hair, litter box, or inevitable barf on your bed. And, of course, without the love, softness, and purring of your own cat. But you'll know that you are caring for an animal who, with your help, can live his or her life in a safe and happy environment.


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