Updating Georgia

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Anne Zabolio

As you know from the last two newsletters, Georgia is blind and, from what we can tell, has lost her sense of smell, therefore, she cannot find food. We feed her twice a day. She eats a special diet made up of Hill's Science Diet c/d, Nutracal, a dollop of corn oil, and water, blended up and given to her orally with a syringe. Her job is to swallow, and to let us know she is happy to be alive. She does the latter by purring when petted, rolling on her head and following us around to be loved on.

Despite her condition, she has never made a litter box mistake and is a very good kitty. We've had her three years and will keep her as long as she wants to be kept. She is a Siamese/tabby mix with white feet, quite a pretty girl. Georgia's food is very expensive, so any help you can give is appreciated!



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