What is a Cat?

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Kali Adams

A cat is a beast. Now you may be thinking of a beast as a cruel and filthy animal, but when I think of a beast in reference to a cat, I think of a noble and loving beast. That is exactly what a cat is, at least the normal house cat anyway...

A cat I once met...

I volunteer at a cat shelter in South Austin, and there was a cat that was a very, very sick cat. Her name was Clara. She had stomatitis that made it very hard for her to eat. She was the skinniest cat that I think I will ever see, she probably only weighed about four pounds, and you could clearly see her spine and her ribs. This may have affected Clara's attitude toward the end of her last month, it made her more bound to you but that was only when you went to set her down, it's like she knew that she would never see you again and she never wanted to lose you, so she was like a magnet and she clung on to you.

Clara was the sweetest cat I have ever known, she really loved me, I walked into her room and she purred and walked right up to me. I really loved Clara. About a week before I went back to the shelter I got a call that she had died. It was really terrible because I could remember how she clung onto me that day, and then I remembered that it was time for her to go; she had struggled her whole life and finally now gets to be free of pain and worry. Now she gets to be in a perfect place and she probably loves it there.

Even though I am very happy that Clara does not have to suffer, I still wish that she was here, soaking up my love. I loved Clara, she was my best friend. Clara was a great cat; I hope that she really is happy where she is now, because I know that every one who knew her loved her. This is just one story of a great cat I know many others such as Peter, Whiskers, Simba and GiGi, that would prove that a cat is great and the best companion in the world. Now to answer the question in the title, a cat is a noble beast and a great companion. And Clara is just the cat to prove that.

Clara in 2004
Photo: Clara in 2004


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