The Lucky Bunny

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Kay Rolfes

The Lost Bunny was out looking for a little something to nibble on. It was pretty scary hopping around all alone with nothing to eat and no comfortable hutch to rest in. There were dogs around, and foxes, and cats, and hungry coyotes. The Lost Bunny was not a wild rabbit. He was a big fluffy white bunny with cute grey ears and pink eyes. He was definitely not the kind of bunny that should be alone in the woods.

But the Lost Bunny was about to become a very Lucky Bunny. Why was this bunny so lucky? Because he just happened to hop right into the yard of some very nice people who knew just what to do to help him.

The nice people brought the Lucky Bunny some yummy things to eat. This made the bunny happy, and he thought about making friends with the people, but he was too afraid. He hopped away and spent the night hiding from all the dangerous animals that were out hunting.

The next day, the Lucky Bunny hopped into the same yard. Yes! The nice people were there again with delicious food! This time he wasn't quite as afraid, and took some food from their hands. But he was still a little afraid and did not want to be picked up. He hopped away again. Another night out in the wild.

These very nice people did not give up on the Lucky Bunny. They looked all around the neighborhood and at the local animal shelter to find out if anyone knew where the bunny's home was. Each day they watched for him to come into their yard, and gave him good things to eat. They paid attention and learned that he especially liked to eat slices of fresh peach.

One day they put some peach slices into the bottom of a cat carrier, and while the Lucky Bunny was eating the peaches, they closed up the carrier and brought him into the house. Now the bunny was safe inside, with real rabbit food, greens, hay, and of course, his favorite food -- peaches. He had a hutch and a litter box, and he knew just how to use it. No more scary nights alone out in the wild for this Lucky Bunny.

The nice people who rescued the Lucky Bunny, now named Peaches, arranged for him to come to Thundering Paws to live. Peaches is happy here at Thundering Paws, and is welcome to stay with us until he is adopted by someone who will love him and take good care of him. He is a very nice bunny who likes to be talked to and has soft beautiful fur.

If you would like to adopt Peaches, contact us to set up a time to meet him.


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