Pawstock 4 Was a Great Success

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Kay Rolfes

Such an incredible combination of talents all came together yesterday to make Pawstock 4 a great success. We had singers, dancers, writers, massagers, and more donating their efforts to help us in our mission of animal rescue. We had a lot of fun, and made some money as well (always a good thing for a fundraising event!).

Anne singing

A highlight of the day was this performance by our director, Anne Zabolio. With accompanist Michael Brockman, she sang "The Ballad of Thundering Paws," a song created just for this event by songwriter Ruth Huber. I'm sure the refrain is still weaving its way through the minds of many Pawstock attendees:

Thundering Paws, Thundering Paws, home to hundreds of kitties, five bunnies, two dogs. And if they could speak, they'd say "Thank you," because they're happy at Thundering Paws. 

It was a great gathering. Many Thundering Paws volunteers came with their family and friends, and we also met lots of new people. We made contacts for new volunteers, new foster homes, and new supporters, all of which we appreciate so much.

Sweet Pea and Tim

A few lucky Thundering Paws animals got to attend as well. Dogs Sweet Pea (above with Thundering Paws volunteer Tim) and Maggie, darling kittens Roy and Dale, and big loverboy cat Fabio were popular guests.

The entertainment was amazing. We're fortunate that so many talented musicians are animal lovers and willing to donate their energy to make Pawstock fun and exciting. Some were old friends from previous Pawstocks, and some were new to us this year. Musicians were Lisa Brown and Pat Reed, Juneau, Gary Newcomb, Eric Hisaw and Chrissy Flatt, Lisa Rogers, Purly Gates, and Nancy Scott. This year we also had two dance acts--Leo Paschal brought down the house with his high-energy dancing and Toli and Christine Lerios charmed us with their authentic Hawaiian hula.

For more pictures of Pawstock 4, click here.

We are so thankful...

  • Thank you to all the people who attended Pawstock.
  • Thank you to all the performers.
  • Thank you to all the donors of great stuff for the silent auction, and thank you to all the people who bought the great stuff.
  • Thank you to Opal Divine's for letting us have Pawstock at their place. A special thanks to their sound man Greg who stepped in to help us out.
  • Thank you to Susan and Bruce Douglas for the gift of a new laptop computer. And for adopting cats from Thundering Paws.
  • Thank you to Bob Harvey for sharing the Pawstock sales of his new book Catalyst.
  • Thank you to Linda Moore for donating all proceeds of massages provided during Pawstock.
  • And thank you to all the volunteers who pitched in to make Pawstock a success--we couldn't do it without you!

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