Life is No Longer Rocky

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Anne Zabolio

Rocky, who didn't have a name at the time, was a stray cat living in a field in Round Rock. A kind woman named Angie fed him and one time took a tick off his eye area when he presented it to her. He showed absolutely no aggression, either when she peeled the tick off of him, or at any other time.

One day, however, she noticed some children tormenting him. I don't know--nor do I want to know--what they were doing. Before she could intervene, Rocky bit one of his tormentors and was subsequently hauled off to the Round Rock kill shelter. Fortunately for him, they kept him alive for rabies observation.

Angie and I spent a frustrating few days trying to find someone to whom the Round Rock shelter would release the cat. Beverly Williams from Animal Trustees of Austin offered help, as did Sheila Smith from Shadow Cats. Sheila took him out of the shelter and our veterinarians' office offered to keep him for rabies observation until his ten days was up. At that time, he showed no sign of rabies, so he came to Thundering Paws, where he got his name. He has certainly shown no aggression since he came here.


Rocky is a LARGE brown tabby, and he's probably around two or three years old. He enjoys being petted but does not like to be picked up. He is not crazy about the other cats here, but he is settling in and getting used to them. He arrived on Tuesday, 12/26/06, and he will probably be let out of his cage on Monday, 1/1/07. He was tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV at the vet's office. We should have a picture of Rocky up on our website by 1/7/07 at the latest.

Rocky is a good fellow and we are happy to help him find his forever home. If you are interested in adopting Rocky, or any of our other animals, please fill out the online adoption application, or call 512/402-9725.

Thank you for all you do for animals!


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