Celine, Coming in From the Cold

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Anne Zabolio

We have a committed OUTSIDE kitty, named Celine. She showed up from a neighbor's house and demanded to live here. I feed her on my deck. I have tried bringing her inside but she is miserable.


When it was 17 degrees last year with freezing rain, I drug her inside and put her in a cage. She complained bitterly for days. She was warm, dry, had plenty of food and water...and she was grumpy. I told her that if it is freezing AND precipitating, she has to be inside. She was not amused.

This time, I again drug her inside and put her in a cage where she was warm, dry, had food and liquid H2O, that last something her outside counterparts couldn't get for days unless I went and dumped the ice and filled it with water and then they had a few hour window before it froze. Celine griped and griped about this situation. Thursday morning, I let her outside. She was delighted. I have no idea where she spent Thursday night.

Yesterday, when we were changing litter boxes, Scott and I each had a box in our hands and we were guarding each other into the front door, making sure no cats got out, when a cat zipped past us, but, instead of zipping OUT, the cat zipped IN! We both blinked and before we could figure out how to react, Scott said, "It's Celine!" Sure enough, she wanted to come in! Some cats in the living room ganged up on her and harassed her so Scott put her into my room, where she went under the bed and stayed there for 12 hours. When I got up at 5 a.m., she was in the bathroom and she said she's like to go outside. I opened the deck door and it was pouring rain but she was undaunted and she took off.

Just now, 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, she was on the front deck where Lydia greeted and petted her, then picked her up and brought her into my room. Usually, she would be stomping up and down in front of the deck door, yodeling about how she had to go outside now, but she's not!

Maybe she's becoming willing to be an inside kitty in bad weather. I certainly hope so. Some kitties have their own agendas about coming inside. Celine is the most stubborn case I've ever seen.


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