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Dave Harper

Since the last update, China kitty has continued to make incredible progress in getting well and becoming more tame. She has not returned to eating canned food with her antibiotic mixed in, but she will gobble down as much dry food as I give her without ever seeming to get full. Without her teeth, she sort of inhales her dry food! As for her antibiotic (and a steroid she has to take for a while), she has become much more tolerant of my squirting it in her mouth, probably because it is mixed with salmon juice. She typically runs from me when I approach her at medication time (I guess she knows my body language) but is very compliant once I start to give it. She's also very forgiving and quickly resumes purring and talking after being medicated.

China, Jan 20th

Last night was another huge milestone in China's progress. Remember, this cat was feral only three weeks ago. At least she acted feral back then. Well, last night I thought I would see what would happen if I made a bed for myself on the floor of her room (there are no beds in there, and the tile floor is hard and cold!). I got a bunch of blankets and pillows, turned off the lights, lay down, and waited to see what would happen. It wasn't but a few minutes before she jumped down from her perch on top of the scratching post, burrowed into the blankets, and cuddled right up to me. Then, she rolled over on her side, braced herself against me with her legs, and started "making biscuits", all the while purring about as loud as a cat can purr. This went on for quite a while until I got to where I couldn't get comfortable in my makeshift bed on the floor. I went on to my own bed, and when I came to visit her first thing this morning, she was ready for more attention (but only after her food arrived and was eaten, of course).

China had a checkup this morning, and her vet was really pleased with how China's mouth has been healing. I told her how sweet China's disposition has become but China's feral nature came out during the exam. I told the vet I wish she could see China's new personality, but I would be surprised if China ever shows her friendly side at the vet. That's even rare for some kitties who have never been feral.

As you can see from today's photo of China, she is really filling out. I don't know how much weight she has gained, but I would estimate perhaps three pounds already.

Stay tuned for more China updates and photos!


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