Foster Homes Needed

We currently have a number of animals in need of good foster homes.

Boat kittens
Two of the boat kittens

The six boat kittens--Raul, Raya, Solange, Solace, Victor, and Isabel, need a new place to stay. These are all friendly outgoing tabby kittens, about 5 months old, cute as can be. And you don't have to take them all! Fostering even one or two would be a great help.

Willow, Daniel

We also have two very shy kitties--Willow and Daniel. Willow and Daniel were rescued as feral kittens and tamed, but they could use additional socialization in a home environment to help them become more confident and outgoing. It takes a little effort to get to know these kitties, but once they trust you they are very affectionate. They could be placed together or separately.


Then there's Fabio, the sweetest, friendliest big hunk of cat ever. Fabio is FIV+, and for this reason he can't be out interacting with all the other cats at the shelter, so he has to spend most of his time in a large cage. A foster home where he could be out and about would make such a difference for him.

Sweet Pea

And Sweet Pea, a good dog who just needs a consistent environment with someone who knows how to communicate with dogs. She loves people but doesn't get along well with other animals, so she needs a foster home where she can be the only pet. She is crate trained, and will bring her crate with her.

Thundering Paws provides the supplies you need and covers veterinary expenses for the fostered pet. You provide lots of love, and you'll receive lots of love in return.

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