Amber, Happily Ever After

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Michel Huber


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how wonderfully Amber is doing! I've been meaning to send you this picture for ages... Amber found an interesting way to get warm!

Amber, snuggled up in her forever home

She definitely still thinks she's a kitten - a couple of times a day she takes a whirlwind tour of the house at full speed. She's become very efficient at changing directions on a concrete floor with almost no traction with very little loss of speed. It's so funny to watch her slide into a corner like she's sliding into home base and then take off for another home run!

Amber loves having the very front part of her ears rubbed, it's like turning on her purr button. She also likes having the base of her tail scratched - she'll stick her butt up in the air and then roll over onto her side, purring the whole time. Mikal seems to have accepted Amber as a playmate - they chase each other all over the house. We actually had to keep them separated for a day or two because Mikal had to have surgery to remove some bladder stones and we were afraid that Amber would get him racing all over the house with fresh stitches! She plays a little with the other cats, but for the most part, they're geriatric so they can't really keep up with her.

What's really surprising to me is how social she is! Amber loves everybody - people and cats. She expects visitors to pet her, and must receive her daily dose of affection from all of the human members in the household, too! We've got two 'groups' of cats in the house, Mama Cat and her daughters, who claim Eric and his room as theirs, and Danetta & Roy's cats, who claim the midpart of the house. My roommates say Amber is like Switzerland, she gets along with everybody, and she does! She'll sack out in Eric's room on his bed with Mama Cat and her kids, or on Roy's bed with Mikal, Fearless & Spooky. Amber is the Queen of Switzerland, and she goes and sleeps anywhere she likes :)

She's also started to cuddle! She'll climb on my lap when I'm working at the computer and sit on my leg for a while, and curls up next to me when I've stopped tossing and turning for the night and fallen asleep. I've woken up a couple of times with Amber sleeping on my hip. I think it just took her a little while to accept that it's safe to get attached, and that she wasn't going to be relocated. She's definitely made herself at home here and is very happy, and so am I.

Thanks again!

[Editor's note: Amber was one of our very best mom cats at the shelter. She was the mother of last spring's litter of six calico sweeties. All but one, Anna Star, have been adopted into forever homes. It was especially nice to see Amber find a perfect home, as usually the moms have a harder time finding homes than the kittens do. But our more "experienced" cats also make loving companions.]


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