China, February Update

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Dave Harper

Since the last update on China the formerly feral kitty, she has made even further amazing progress. Her weight is up to what it should be for a kitty her size (between 7 and 8 pounds) and she looks so different than she did when she was sick.

Her vet has decreased the dosage of her medication so that I have to give it only once per week now. China still gets upset when I give her the medication, but otherwise she's sweet and cuddly. Every one of my other cats likes China, but China and Athena (also from Thundering Paws) have formed a very special friendship. The day they met, they ran toward each other and started walking up and down the hall, tails entwined.

Tails entwined
Athena and China

In the book (more like a novel) on Best Friends Animal Society, there's a description of two kitties who walked together with their tails entwined. I honestly wondered if this would really happen with two animals, but having seen it myself with China and Athena, I know it happens. In the photo above, they're doing exactly that--walking down the hall with tails entwined. In the photo below, they're lying on the floor playing. And they had just met each other!

Athena and China playing

China has done so well that the director of Thundering Paws (Anne Zabolio) and I agreed that it would be best for China to be fostered long term at my house. I can't imagine China leaving, since she has come such a long way and is so happy living here with her pal Athena!


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