Do You Shop at Randalls? If So, You Can Help Thundering Paws!

We've tried to spread the word on this way of supporting Thundering Paws, yet our most ardent supporters are amazed when we tell them this.

You can link your Randall's card to Thundering Paws and we get 1% of all your purchases, with no cost to you. Our account number is 10927. You fill out an application at the Courtesy Booth, they give you a card which you scan each time you check out, and your grocery purchases will be recorded automatically to our account.

Each quarter, Randall's will send us a check for 1% of the total purchased by all our supporters. So far, with only two people doing this, we are able to afford a week's worth of cat food per quarter!

Food bowls

If 26 more people do this, it will buy food for all the cats! So please, sign up and let Randall's buy all the kitties' food! Then we'll be free to take care of more animals instead of raising money.

Fox food

And thank you!


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