July Remembers

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Anne Zabolio

Last September we featured an article on July, a cat who came to Thundering Paws feral, emaciated, and obviously quite ill. She had a wonderful sponsor, Jennifer Pospisil, who paid all her expenses until we could find out what was wrong with her: a glob of plastic in her stomach which interfered with her digestion to the point that she was literally starving to death while eating tons of food. Once it was removed, she gained 11 ounces in three days, and became the gorgeous, healthy -- and still feral -- creature that we all knew she could be. She lives here because we don't want her to do any more dumpster diving and ingesting plastic wrap!

July remembers
July relaxing on the cat run

Jennifer alerted Thundering Paws to July, and we went and trapped her to start this process. But the woman who used to feed her, and who told Jennifer about this pathetic cat, is Gloria Colvin, who came over here to volunteer on a recent Sunday. We pointed out July to Gloria who, after the initial denial -- "That can't be July! That cat looks great!" -- talked to July while she was working outside the screened porch where July often suns herself.

July was completely focused on Gloria, watching her work. Gloria began talking the baby talk that she used when she was the caretaker for July's feral colony. And July, who never talks to us, began meowing in response to Gloria's baby talk. July remembered. We trapped her on the first of July, 2004, hence her name, and July still remembers Gloria. Hardened cat trappers burst into tears when told this sweet story.


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