Two is More Than Twice as Nice

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Kay Rolfes

Two cats are ever so much more fun than one. They can keep you entertained with their interactions, running and playing together, or snoozing side by side.

Marilyn and Tantoe
Marilyn and Tantoe napping together

They can keep each other company when you are out at work or on vacation. No need to feel so guilty leaving your cat all alone when he or she has a kitty pal to hang around with while you are away.

And it's really not much more work having two cats compared to one. It takes just the same amount of time to fill up a big bowl of food as it does to fill up a small bowl of food, and just a couple extra minutes scooping litter boxes.

We have a few pairs of cats who are perfect to be adopted together. Marilyn and Tantoe (in above photo) are sisters who have lived their entire lives together. Edward and Evelyn are gorgeous adult tabby brother and sister who have never been separated and want to stay together. Camille and her mother Felicidad are also very attached to each other. Sisters Lisa Marie and Betsy Toes are a beautiful pair. Casey and Gray Sky came to us together and we would love to find them a new home together. Our boat kittens, Solace, Solange, Victor, and Raya, all get along and can be adopted individually or in combination.

If you already have a cat and want to add another cat as a companion, we have lots of cats who enjoy the company of other cats as well as people.

Contact us and tell us about your pet and we can make suggestions for a companion.


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