Happy Homes

We love to hear about our Thundering Paws cats going on to lead happy lives.

Athena and China
Athena and China, best friends going for a walk together

Athena was a Thundering Paws beauty adopted by Dave. Dave has also become a long-term foster home for China, who was a very sick kitty in need of special attention (see China, China Update, China February Update). Athena and China have become best friends and make a habit of walking around the house side-to-side with tails entwined.

And we have a follow-up from Daniela and Sean on their two Thundering Paws kitties, Tatyana and Anna Star (see A Tale of Two Sisters).

Anna Star and Tatyana
Comfy kitties Anna Star and Tatyana

They get along now just like sweet sisters should, and enjoy walking in the park on leashes and lounging around together. Daniela told us how she trained the kitties to not scratch on the wicker furniture, with just a little bit of patience and a spray bottle of water. She said in just a few days they learned to leave the furniture alone.


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