A Tale of Two Sisters

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Anne Zabolio

Sean and Daniela came over to adopt a kitty. This in itself is unusual as we don't advertise our whereabouts, but we felt that these people wouldn't dump 40 animals on us, so we gave them the secret address. When I opened the door, Sean said, "Please see that my wife gets a cat!" Since I had already checked their references and there were tons of kitties from which to choose, I thought that would be pretty easy. It was. They chose beautiful Patricia, one of Amber's calico kittens, took her home, named her Tatyana, and fell madly in love with her.


That left only one of Amber's family at Thundering Paws (Amber herself having been adopted): the gorgeous and unusual looking Anna Star. Daniela was perusing the website a week or so later and noticed that only one of that family was still here. She called and said that she and Sean would like to include Anna Star in their family, too. Sean came and took her home -- where absolute war broke out!

Anna Star

Tatyana was NOT amused! She did not remember her sister or, if she did, remembered her as the one she always had to beg Amber, their mom, to make Anna Star stop looking at her, stop touching her, leave her alone! Tatyana had to share her first family with this horrid creature and now she was having to share her humans with her? NO WAY!

Sean and Daniela did everything I suggested. They did a few things I had not thought of but were good ideas. They spent plenty of time with both girls. Anna Star was petrified of Tatyana and hid behind the humans whenever she was faced with her sister. I asked advice of my other cat rescue friends.

A wonderful volunteer at another shelter suggested that we loan Sean and Daniela a cage to incarcerate first one sister and then the other until they got re-associated with one another. It worked like a charm. At last report, both girls were cuddled up on the bed, cleaning each other and purring. It doesn't get any better than that


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