New Bunny Cages

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Kay Rolfes

Thanks to the generosity of one of our wonderful volunteers, Thundering Paws has new deluxe bunny cages for our house rabbits. The old cages were getting quite worn out and difficult to clean, so these new cages are really appreciated!

Bunny cages
Wow! Best bunny cages ever!

Everybody loves the new cages.

The humans at Thundering Paws love them because they are easier to clean -- the cages are on wheels and can be moved to sweep underneath, unlike the old cages that were sitting up on concrete blocks. And there are plastic shields around the bottom to help keep the hay and the bunny poop from getting loose and going all over the floor.

The bunnies love their stylish new digs. They contentedly munch their hay and relax in their new spaces. One bunny even has a double-decker cage with a cool ramp to hop up and down.

The cats love the new cages because of the solid top -- much easier to get comfy sitting up there, and it's a perfect vantage point to keep an eye on all the goings on in the dining room.

Evelyn on bunny cages
Evelyn loves to sit up high


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