Tabby Town

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Kay Rolfes

Some of my favorite Thundering Paws cats are tabbies. Tabby cats are also called tiger cats, for their beautiful stripey coats. The tabby coloring type is thought to be the original coloring of domestic cats, and is the most common coloring type found in the wild. Tabby markings are an advantage in the wild, as the variegated shading provides excellent camoflage.

Celine, blending in with the fallen leaves

Within the tabby type there are lots of variations. If the stripes form swirly or circular patterns, that is called a classic tabby. Tabbies with parallel unbroken stripes are called mackeral tabbies. Tabbies can also have broken stripes or spots.

Raya has beautiful classic tabby stripes

Tabbies are also known for dramatic facemask markings around their eyes, and often have a very clear M on their forehead.

Willow has very fine facial markings

Tabbies come in a variety of colors. Brown tabbies are common, but tabbies can also be silver, gray, orange, or cream, and tabby markings can be combined with bicolor, calico, or tortoiseshell coats.

Abe, a sleepy orange tabby

We have many fine tabby cats looking for a good home at Thundering Paws. If you'd like to add a little tiger to your family, check out our adoptions page and send us a note letting us know who you'd like to come out and meet.


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