Work (and Fun) at the Sanctuary

Thundering Paws could use more on-site volunteers. Have you ever wondered what a whole house full of cats (and dogs and bunnies) looks like? Come on out and spend a Sunday afternoon with us. There is always cleaning and organizing to do here, or you could give one of our regular volunteers a welcome break and scoop all the litter boxes. It's a good way to meet new kitty friends in every room.

Come on out -- there are cat bellies that need petting!

Get together with two or three friends and we can come up with a special task, like scrubbing and disinfecting the cat run, or doing some yard work. But it won't be all hard work. Our kitties always need more petting and brushing and playing with, and our dogs would love to go for a walk with you.

Your time and effort will be very much appreciated, and you'll have that good feeling that you get when you help others. Give us a call or send us a note and we'll work out the details.

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