China Kitty Update, September 2007

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Dave Harper

Since the last update on China the (formerly) feral cat in February, this kitty has completely moved in to my house. She has made incredible progress in the eight months she has lived here. The physical change has been drastic -- she has gone from somewhere between 3 and 4 pounds when she arrived to about 11 pounds at present.


As amazing as it may seem, she actually has gained too much weight and her food intake is going to have to decrease. The vet says that the steroid she has to take for the stomatitis condition contributes to her weight gain. Steroids tend to do that, but part of it is that she just likes to eat constantly.

The other big change is that she just gets tamer and tamer. She sleeps in the bed with me and several other kitties routinely now, keeps me company on the couch, and follows me from room to room with her tail up in the air, indicating how happy she is. She loves head bumps more than anything. A year ago, she would have lashed out at me if I had tried that. Now, she expects the head bumping multiple times per day and often initiates it.

In the last update I told you about China's friendship with Athena. Now, she has become friends with several of the other cats, and enjoys frequent grooming sessions with them. Her second best friend seems to be Sadie, a large gray tabby who was once feral herself, but tamed up within months of being found about 7 years ago.

China's medical situation hasn't been a smooth ride.

For the most part, especially in the last month, she has done well. Her biggest crisis was in early August when I found her one morning with an overwhelming infection in her mouth, related to the stomatitis. She was a very sick kitty. However, with strong antibiotics and a temporary increase in the frequency of her medication, she bounced back and has been fine ever since.

Here is a recent photo of China relaxing with Snuggles, one of her friends.

China and Snuggles


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