Fabio, Happily Ever After

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Anne Zabolio

The story of Fabio, our FIV positive kitty, was chronicled on our website before.

We wanted to find him a home where he could be out of the cage, so we took him to many adoption events. Several times we ALMOST got him adopted. But we would still have to keep him caged, and take him out when we could. It was sad.

Turns out, he was waiting for Melinda.

Melinda and Fabio

A friend of mine, Melinda had just finished veterinary technician school and had the time now to devote to a cat of her own. I asked her if she would foster Fabio because it would give him time out of the cage and a person of his own to love on him. As you can see from the picture, they fell madly in love. Melinda gets up two hours before she has to get ready to be at work, because she has to cuddle Fabio. This is fine with him.

And it's a very good thing that a veterinary technician adopted Fabio. He has other health problems besides FIV. Without going into indelicate details, Melinda noticed a few other issues he has and alerted us. When examined by the vet, Fabio was discovered to have old injuries, probably from being hit by a car, including healed pelvic fractures that give him intestinal problems. Without Melinda's knowledge, we might not have discovered these things, and gotten him on medication to help him.

He is the best cat in the world, according to Melinda. Melinda is the best mommy in the world, according to Fabio.

He still greets me when I visit, because he knows me well, having lived at Thundering Paws for many months.  But I know to whom he has given his dear sweet kitty heart. It is one of the best adoptions we have ever had.


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