Library Kittens

Library kittens having a snackA family of young cats and kittens were making their home around the Pleasant Hill Library. Thanks to one of our volunteers, they have (all but one so far) been trapped and spayed or neutered. They were thought to be feral cats, but once they came into our hands it became immediately apparent that they are not at all feral, just nice cats who need good homes.

Perhaps your home? The weather is cooling off and it's a perfect time to snuggle up with a library kitten and a good book.

Four of them are tabbies, and we are sure they have a lot of Maine Coon in their family tree. They have the distinctive markings and the thick coats, some have the big bushy tails and large feet, and all have that friendly laid-back personality that makes the Maine Coon a favorite house pet.

Check out our adoptions page for photos and info about Ethel, Lucy, Macy, Gary, and Virginia, our library kittens. We think Gary and Virginia are brother and sister, and Lucy and Macy also make a good pair. Ethel is such a sweetie, and she gets along with all of the others. She may be the mom to the bunch of them.

Whatever their relationships, they all love each other, and can be adopted individually or in groups.


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