Top 10 Ways to Help Thundering Paws

Blog author: 
Calene Summers
  1.  Volunteer at the sanctuary. We always need more help, and it's fun for you, too.
  2. Donate money and ask your friends to donate as well.
  3. Ask your employer to become a corporate sponsor.
  4. Adopt a pet from Thundering Paws, or sponsor one of our unadoptable animals. Sleeping in a sunbeam
    We have so many wonderful pets waiting for the right home.
  5. Collect and sell aluminum cans, or start a family change jar, and donate the money to Thundering Paws every August, our hardest month.
  6. Put out collection jars at a business you frequent. Monitor it and send the money to Thundering Paws. Restaurants are the best!
  7. Host a dinner event for your friends, asking them for a donation. We'll come and give a talk if you like.
  8. Ask your friends and neighbors to buy scoopable litter or other items on our wish list. Collect the donations and then call us to come pick it up.
  9. Organize a garage sale or bake sale in your neighborhood, and donate the proceeds.
  10. Leave a living legacy for the Thundering Paws animals in your will.

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