Big Tail, Little Tail, Curly Tail

Our newest kitties available for adoption: three kittens, about four months old, each with a different tail. There was obviously some Manx in the mix for this litter, plus a little bit of Siamese. These kittens all came from a family of abandoned cats southwest of Austin. They are spayed and neutered, have their first set of shots, and are ready for new homes.

Cozumel is a sweet little gray tabby with a normal tail. Coz likes pets and likes to play with small toys. She'll bump heads with you and roll over for tummy tickles when you pet her. She can be a talkative little girl when she wants attention.


Her brother Tsunami is a friendly orange tabby with a very short tail, about 2 1/2 inches long. He's a little camera shy. Tsunami is a mellow fellow who enjoys pets and sometimes plays vigorously with toys.


Their sister Jackie Rabbit has a tiny tail that is curled up. It looks like a little bunny tail. She also has gorgeous blue eyes and loves to play, especially with a feather toy on a string.

Jackie Rabbit

To adopt these kittens, start by filling out our online adoption form, or just give us a call.


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