Thanks to Special Volunteers!

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Anne Zabolio

We had 53 volunteers come to Thundering Paws on Saturday, March 29th, from a few groups at U.T. through the Project Reach Out program.

Project Reach Out volunteers
Some of the wonderful Project Reach Out volunteers

Board members Link Davidson and Doug Carpenter communicated with the U.T. Volunteer Center. Link and Doug, along with Director Anne Zabolio, volunteers Scott Haywood, Mary Kay and Anna Sliz, Wendy and Mike Benson, Tony and Lydia Whiteley, and Chris Mihal made up a list of jobs and supervised these wonderful folks. Joan Mihal made box lunches and cookies (which disappeared immediately), and lots of projects got done.

The bathroom, hall, and laundry room got fresh coats of paint. We are very grateful to Janna Zumbrun for the paint and the painting supplies, and to Pattie Overstreet, who prepped the rooms to be painted. Recycling efforts were helped along by the washing of plastic buckets and the flattening of cardboard. The walls in the large room were wiped down. All bedding was changed and clean laundry folded. Heavy furniture was moved. The cat run, the screened porch, was cleaned. A carport, generously donated by Pattie and Aaron Overstreet along with his mom, Mrs. Overstreet, was collected and put into place. This carport will be greatly appreciated each week by volunteers who change the litter boxes, as it will shield them from sun or rain. All litter boxes were changed and every room got swept and mopped. The bunnies were put outside in their hutches and their inside cages cleaned. Two storerooms were cleaned and organized. Anne's new desk was set up.

Sanctuary dog, Sweet Pea, was walked until she sat down and said, "No more!" which has never happened before. Then she was bathed. Resident Corgi Maggie was walked and loved. Both got tons of attention and loved it. Bunnies were given treats. Cats were adored, worshiped and petted until the purring was audible.

We certainly appreciate the time and efforts put out by both our regular volunteers -- Link, Doug, Scott, Mary Kay, Anna, Wendy, Mike, Tony, Lydia, Chris, and Joan -- and all the students who gave a large part of their Saturday to Thundering Paws. We hope that some of those students will venture back out here from time to time, or even on a regular basis, and visit us again. Thank you, everyone, for your part in such a successful day! See also this article in the Daily Texan. Thanks, Ana, for interviewing us!


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