Marilyn Lost and Found, Part 2

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As I said earlier, Marilyn went missing on Sunday, January 11.


Monday night, I started setting live traps. That night I caught a fluffy black cat, whom we call Robin. We've seen him on the property before, and have had him neutered. During the week, we caught opossums and raccoons, but no other cats. One cold night I set four traps, including two at a neighbor's house (the one with a small gap that would allow a cat to crawl under). All four traps went untouched.

Some animal, probably a raccoon, learned to drag even the heaviest traps and tip them over, to spill the bait out.

We have several styles of live traps. The ones I like best are the MSI Tru-Catch traps ( They're easy to use, relatively light in weight, and I haven't seen any signs of animals being injured in them. They close with less noise than other traps. They have a door on the "bait" end, which allows the bait to be set easily, and which is easier to open than the trap door at the other end.

For bait, I tried tuna, sardines, and the dry cat food that Marilyn usually ate. The cat Robin had been caught with dry food, so I decided to keep using it.

After a brief sighting of Marilyn on the driveway late Saturday night, I set a trap on the front porch, secured in place with heavy cinder blocks -- and caught a big raccoon.

Tuesday morning, January 20th, about 4:30 a.m., I followed my week long routine of dressing warmly and going outside to check the traps. I could hardly believe my eyes when the one on the front porch contained -- MARILYN!

I brought the trap inside, with Marilyn chirping in distress. Not knowing how she would react to being back in her familiar digs after being gone for 8 1/2 days, I opened the trap into a hastily vacated cage. She vocalized less in the cage, but was still agitated. I petted her and she allowed me to do so. While being petted, she hopped out of the cage. She walked around the room, talking a little, and darted under the bed, where she stayed for several hours. When I awoke the next morning, she was curled in the crook of my knees, where she had enjoyed sleeping before she escaped.

I believe she knows how hard I tried to get her home. We have a more special bond than ever. To anyone who has lost a cat: Your pet might be nearby; keep trying.

[Editor's note: Marilyn is available for adoption. She's a soft, sweet girl who is a little shy at first but loves gentle attention. To adopt Marilyn, start by filling out our online adoption form.]

Marilyn as a kitten
Baby Picture: Marilyn as a kitten in 2005


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