Update on Boat Kittens: Isabel, Victor and Solace

In the summer of 2006, a boat arrived for delivery in Austin with a surprise inside: a litter of seven kittens -- all tabbies. We took them to the vet, and one of the kittens was fostered by an employee of the vet clinic and quickly adopted. The other six were fostered by Thundering Paws volunteers and lived together for several weeks.

Isabel, a beautiful classic tabby, was the next one adopted, in January 2007. Two years later, we received this update:

"Isabel is amazing and I can not believe that it's already been 2 years. We have since moved from my very small apartment to a nice roomy house. My other cat, Moxie, is her best friend and I have never seen 2 cats get along so well! I have attached a couple of recent pictures of the two because they are inseparable cuddlers and it's too cute not to share! Isabel also has grown quite a bit. Weighing just under 16 pounds she is tall, long, and skinny. She is a weird little cat as well- she plays fetch like a dog!! We're not sure how it started, but it's her favorite thing to do! We love her!!!!"

Moxie and Isabel
Moxie and Isabel

Next to be adopted were Raul (in February 2007), Solange (in March 2007), and Raya (August 2007). We would love to hear how they are doing.

Victor and Solace were the last two "boat kittens" to be adopted, in May 2008. Their new "mom" sent this message in December 2008:

Victor and Solace
Victor and Solace

"I am attaching some recent photos of Victor & Solace. I took them with my camera phone so they are not the best quality.

These two kitties are so close to each other. I can't imagine not having gotten them together!! I'm so glad we got both!

Victor is just the biggest love bug ever. It's so funny because Victor is totally momma's boy and Solace is totally Daddy's girl. Solace loooooves her Daddy... truly a love affair I tell ya!

They are still loving the country life. Mostly they love napping in the loft of the log home we're living in. Both are sacked out as I type.

Victor still continues the "morning and nightly ritual" since we've had him. Every single night when we tuck our son into bed... Victor always immediately drops what he's doing to come in and walks all over him while we tuck him in .. and every single night I have to pick him up and escort him out... and every single night as I help him exit he puts his ears back as if to say, "Hey, I was enjoying that!"

Then every single morning when I wake my son up for school... Victor always beats me to his door... we open the door and Victor walks all over him again until he gets out of bed.

He hasn't missed a night or morning yet.

I know I've said this before but none of us can imagine our family without these two kitties. They are the most loving, affectionate, sweet, caring, funny pair ever. In my lifetime of cats I have said, "There will never be a cat better than this one."... that's one reason why we haven't had a cat in such a long time... but these two totally win the prize.

I'm still just singing my praises that we got both.. and to think we were only going to get Victor! I can't even bear the thought!

Anyway.. just wanted to say thank you again and thank you for who you are in life for all the kitties that are fortunate enough to come your way. You are truly angels in human form."



Thanks to these families for sharing these pictures and stories with us! We love to hear about our kitties who have found a happy home.


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