Update on Milenko, now Jade

Milenko came to Thundering Paws from Town Lake Animal Center, as detailed in our September 2008 newsletter. She was a delight to us during her stay at Thundering Paws. Milenko was adopted in November 2008, and we received this update in January 2009:

"I adopted Milenko a couple of months ago, and have since re-named her Jade because of her pretty green eyes. She is doing wonderfully and has gone from being shy and hiding under the bed to following me around the apartment! She is very playful and I can tell she is a people lover. I hope the other kitties are doing well. Thanks for everything."

A short period of adjustment is fairly typical for a newly adopted cat. Generally all it takes is a little bit of time and patience while the cat becomes accustomed to their new home. Keep that in mind if you plan to adopt. And please contact us if you would like to add a kitty to your family! We would love to introduce you to our adoptable pets. We are glad that Jade is happy in her new home!

Jade (Milenko) napping at Thundering Paws


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