Thanks to UT, Girl Scouts, ACF

Thanks to volunteers from the UT chapter of Gamma Beta Phi. With your help, we painted two rooms at Thundering Paws. Thanks also to regular volunteers Kay, Dave, Stephanie, Samantha, and Jennifer who helped with the painting work. It looks great!

Painting in progress
Cat room cats enjoy sunny weather on the run while their room is painted

Thanks to Kathy Lucas, Elizabeth Whitehead, and the Girls Scouts who volunteered on March 1.

At one point Anne looked out the kitchen window, and saw Sweet Pea the dog and three girls jumping up and down happily in Sweet Pea's kennel. Someone suggested that those girls could be folding laundry, and Anne said, "No, I want them right where they are!" Sweet Pea was so happy!

Austin Cat Fanciers provided a booth for us at their Feb 28-March 1 show, a great opportunity to connect with animal lovers. And they gave us loads of food and litter! Many thanks to ACF!

Thundering Paws relies on volunteers and donors. If you would like to help, please contact us.


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