Billy and Vincent need Special Homes

Billy is a handsome, robust, brown tabby, and one of the friendliest cats at Thundering Paws.


He came to us from a volunteer with Shadow Cats. She trapped him in Thrall, Texas. When she realized he was very friendly, she put out "Found" posters in the neighborhood, and at the only store in Thrall. The only call she got was from a man who said he would shoot him or any other strays that came into his yard. Meanwhile, because Billy was staying in her house, and she has many other cats, she had him tested for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus).

Billy's test results were positive for FIV. It's a slow-acting virus that can, over several years, cause a gradual decline in the immune system, making the cat more vulnerable to a variety of infections. It is not curable. On the other hand, many cats with the virus live long, healthy lives with no symptoms. Billy shows no signs of illness.

It's possible that Billy's FIV test was a false positive. We are considering whether to try a more expensive test.

The virus is normally transmitted by a deep bite wound from an infected cat. That's why free-roaming, unaltered males, who tend to get in fights, are the ones who usually get FIV. Humans don't get FIV, only cats do. Even people that have been bitten by an FIV-positive cat or accidentally injected with the virus (in a laboratory) have not gotten the disease.

At Thundering Paws, we've had three other cats that tested positive for FIV, and all of them were stray or feral males, unneutered when trapped. Two of them, Fabio and Vincent, are calm and very friendly like Billy. Fabio is an exceptionally cuddly cat, and has been adopted by our friend Melinda. She also took in Billy for a short time. Billy was happy, but Fabio wanted to remain an only cat, so Billy is back at Thundering Paws. Vincent was with us for one day, before transfer to another sanctuary. At that time he was tattered from recent fights, but had charming manners.


Both Billy and Vincent are available for adoption. Contact us to make an appointment to see Billy, or to ask about Vincent.


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