The Drive for Five!

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary always has a tough time getting donations in the summer. And this summer is particularly difficult because we can't ask our volunteers to stand outside sympathetic businesses and solicit donations in 105 degree weather! By August every year, we are out of money and this year is just a little worse.

Therefore, we have initiated The Drive for Five. If you can send us at least $5.00, and ask your friends to do the same, we hope to reach our goal of $5,000.00 by the end of August. You can send your donation through PayPal, or through the mail to P.O. Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

Five dollars buys food for a bunny for a month, or two weeks worth of food and litter for one cat. It buys monthly flea preventative for one cat. It cools our facility for the hot part of a day.

Thank you for sending what you can. And thank you in advance for passing this on to your friends who also love animals. Without you, we could not carry on our mission. And thanks for everything you do for animals!


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