Keeping Your Animals Safe and Warm in the Winter

Blog author: 
Karin Schweitzer

Here in central Texas we generally enjoy mild winters but every now and then we get a cold snap. In fact forecasters are predicting several very cold nights and days this winter. We like to be warm and cozy indoors – and some lucky animals get the benefit of our love of the heater or fireplace but not all live such a pampered life. If you have out door cats or dogs please make special arrangements to make sure they stay safe, happy and healthy.


Here are some tips:


·      Provide some shelter for your outdoor pet; ideally you should have a garage or barn where they can sleep. Take caution before you start your car in the morning and make sure your cat  - or your neighbor’s cat - is not sleeping on the engine where they like to curl up to stay warm.

·      Make sure they have lots of fresh water. Even in the winter animals can become dehydrated. Check the water often to make sure it isn’t frozen.

·      Make sure they have plenty of food. Animals burn a lot of extra calories in the winter to stay warm. Consider adding canned food to their regular diet to increase their calories.

·      Provide bedding for your pet to snuggle up in; an old pillow or blankets work well. Consider providing a cat shelter and filling it with bedding. Hay is an excellent insulating bedding and also relatively inexpensive. Alley Cat Allies provides several ideas for either making or buying a cat shelter - click here.


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