Copper's Happy Home

Skylar, a tiny orange tabby kitten, came to us last summer from a feral colony, along with his brother and three sisters. All five were newborns when they were rescued from under an abandoned house. Luckily, their mom was easy to trap and they all came to Thundering Paws together.

Fabion, the mom, was attentive to her kittens and raised them well in a large cage. Once the kittens were old enough to get along without her, Fabion (now spayed) went back to her home territory. The kittens were completely tame from all the love they got from the many Thundering Paws volunteers who helped with their care, and so they were available for adoption.

The cute calico girls found homes first, then Skylar's brother Garfield was adopted, leaving Skylar as the "last of the litter." He had several weeks to wait for his forever home, but it was worth it. Last month, on Valentine's Day, Skylar went to his forever home. He got a new name, Copper, and he got a big brother Winston to play with and snuggle with. Kathie, who adopted Copper, tells us that he's a great kitty and a joy to have. We can see from the photos she sent us that he is truly living happily ever after.

We are so glad that Kathie met Copper at our adoption event at Petsmart and added him to her family! And we're grateful for Petsmart's adoption program that gives us space to take our animals to meet the public. And of course, we could not do this without all the dedication and hard work from our volunteers who transport dogs, cats and kittens, cages and equipment, and spend countless hours helping match up sanctuary animals with potential adopters. Their greatest reward is knowing that rescued animals like Copper move on to happy lives in loving homes.


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