Lila continues to improve

Sweet Lila is doing well and continues to improve! She has been standing up, walking a little, and eating some kibbles on her own. Her latest achievement: using the litter box!

When Lila first came home, we padded her cage with soft towels and cleaned them when she soiled them.  She couldn't stand on her remaining hind leg because of her fractured pelvis.  But now, 2 1/2 weeks and lots of veterinary care from many concerned and knowledgeable vets later, Lila is using her right hind leg to walk.  Yesterday we gave her a litter box and this morning her bedding is clean and her litter box has been used.  She is eating, drinking, learning to walk, using her litter box, and still the most cooperative cat I have ever met. 

Her E. coli infection was found to be resistant to most antibiotics and she is on an injectable one, Nexcal.  It must be kept in the refrigerator and injected subcutaneously.  She flinches from the cold liquid running under her skin, but -- as always -- she allows me to give her the shot.  It helps if someone scratches her head while I am doing so.

Lila's veterinarian at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital (CTVSH), Dr. Gowan, also asked that we bathe her wounds in warm water twice a day. Of course, cats do not like getting wet and it is clear that she agrees with the rest of her species about water, but she never bites or scratches, nor even threatens to do so!

Some animals know that we are trying to help and Lila is clearly one of these. She will make someone a very nice pet when she is fully recovered.  She is a sweetheart.

As you can imagine, her veterinary bills are pretty big. She has another appointment tomorrow. All our vets work with us to offer us discounts where they can, but treatment like hers is expensive. Donations for her care, in any amount, are very much appreciated. PayPal donations may be made on our website at You can mail donations to Thundering Paws, P.O. Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620. If you would like to make Visa, MasterCard, or Discover donations, please e-mail your phone number to, and we will gladly call you.


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