Lila update

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Anne Zabolio

Lila went to Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital (CTVSH) again yesterday to see Dr. Sara Gower.   Dr. Gower released her, with one final request that Lila have an x-ray in three to four weeks to make sure the infection isn't recurring.  Lila will be on her injectable Nexcal through Friday of this week, and then, unless something else comes up, she is released from veterinary care.

Lila still is not interested in getting out of her cage and walking.  She walks when she must, but doesn't do more than necessary.  Dr. Gower said to give her time.  I also have yet to hear her purr... except that she gave us a rough purr when we were examining her today.  She has become more vocal, talking to me more and always following me with her eyes.  She seems to appreciate pets and scratches, but does not seek them out.

I believe this kitty has come a looong way!  I don't think she was ever feral, but she had not had much interaction with humans in the past.  She is just not used to experiencing things like regular meals, canned food, pets and scratches, being inside away from the cold (which it promises to get tomorrow night), and rain (promises -- we'll see.)  My hope is that she will continue to become more friendly and outgoing.  It's not that she is unfriendly; she just doesn't seek out much, perhaps because she has not been able to expect much from humans in the past.  There is certainly a dignified quality about Lila.

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