Can you help Othello, a kitty with health issues? We need $1000

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Anne Zabolio

George M., a veteran with health issues of his own, lives on a fixed income at the end of a dead end road outside of Dripping Springs. A kind hearted man, he has fed a colony of cats dumped and born on his property for 25 years. For 20 of those years, he tried without success to get every cat spayed or neutered, but could only afford a few surgeries a year. To complicate this problem, George doesn't drive as he is losing his sight.

Thundering Paws volunteer, Calene S., began trapping and spaying or neutering George's colony and, within 11 months, it was under control. Two years ago, all the adults had been fixed. In a massive cooperative effort involving Thundering Paws, PALS of San Marcos, and Austin Humane Society, the last generation of about 30 kittens were gathered up, tamed, and admitted into various adoption programs where they were also spayed or neutered and went on to happy homes. Thundering Paws continues to assist George in maintaining control of his population and keeping the cats there healthy.

George now has a feral cat named Othello who has stomatitis, which is a very painful disease of a cat's mouth. A cat with acute stomatitis will often claw at his or her mouth and vocalize with the pain when trying to eat. They lose weight and ultimately, if untreated, starve to death. I am sorry to be giving you this awful information because I promised to tell our supporters only good news.

Although he is feral, Othello is a special kitty at the colony. He is deaf, and his brother, Romeo, is blind. They hang together at George's compound and are each other's eyes and ears. Both are feral, that is, they do not let humans touch them. But they have each other.

The good news is that Othello will be treated for his stomatitis. We have veterinarians who will do this expensive surgery and allow us to pay out the bill. However, we would love to be able to hand our veterinarian a check for the total amount. These people are angels and we desperately need their skilled help. We also need your help. Can you contribute a little (or a lot) to our special fund for Othello's surgical expenses?

Othello went to the vet on Wednesday and I am awaiting news about the extent of his illness. Othello ate like a PIG the previous night, which is good news for a cat who has problems with his mouth, and pain when he eats. This indicates to me that he still wants to live and it will be so much better when his mouth has been cleaned up!

Blind Romeo is in our Recovery Hut while his brother is out of commission. We didn't want him to be outside in George's feral cat area while his "seeing eye cat" brother, Othello, was at the vet and recovering from surgery.

Whatever you can send toward Othello's treatment will be greatly appreciated. You can send it via PayPal at, or in the mail to Thundering Paws, P.O. Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

Thank you for all you do for animals.


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