Roamin' Roman


Lydia, one of our great volunteers, was driving down 290 headed east Wednesday morning and had just gotten up onto the elevated part of 290 past William Cannon when she spied a black blob in the far right hand lane.  As she watched, horrified, the blob lifted his head and she saw he was a kitten!  Cars, trucks, semis, and trailers were passing right over him -- not hitting him with their tires, thank goodness -- and he was hunkered down as small as he could get.  Lydia wheeled over to the right, leaped out of her car and ran like a maniac back to where he was.  Luckily, just then the light changed and stopped the traffic.  She dove into the roadway and snatched him up.

She hurried him off to Oak Hill Vet where, upon examination, all Dr. Mockler could find wrong was blisters on his foot pads where he had been in contact with hot pavement.  He ate like a horse and then crashed out for hours.  Renee, Dr. Mockler's assistant, said that you could hold him like a baby and he would just lie there and sleep.  He must have been famished and exhausted!

He is black with a large white star on his chest, and is about 6 weeks old.  He is currently in foster care with Lydia, who determined his name to be Roman.  We will give him a few weeks to acclimatize before sending him to adoptions, which should be around June 9th.  He is certainly a lucky little fellow, and totally cute as well!


Roman having breakfast



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