Carriage Kitten Update - They are Growing, and So Cute!

The latest report is in from the wonderful foster family taking care of Millie and her Ewok kittens:

"The entire room you see in this video has become the kitten room. We leave the door open with a baby gate in place so that they see and hear everything going on in the living room (and the ventilation is better), and Millie can have as many kitten breaks as she likes. The kittens are also being allowed more access to our dogs -- supervised of course -- so that hopefully they will be prepared for a household that may have cat-friendly dogs. And because of Fiona's frequent individual attention, the kittens are all now regularly seeking out human interaction and attention."

They are growing up fast, and will be ready for forever homes soon. Contact Thundering Paws for information about adopting these excellent kitties.


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