Flame, a special needs sweetie!

I came from a litter of three kitties and now I am the last one to find a home.  I’m super quirky, loving and playful. My hummy (human foster mommy) calls me her little entertainer.  I went to a home that I thought was going to be my forever home and my new parents noticed me panting when I played super hard.  They had a kitty in the past that got winded during play and she ended up having a severe heart condition.  They had to return me because it was just too sad to lose another kitty to the same thing.  I had a sonogram and an EKG and at first was given a clean bill of health because my heart rate was normal.  After the final tests came back it was devastating news. I have FHCM (Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).  Most likely I was born with it.  Whoever adopts me needs to know about my illness so that they can love me for who I am for as long as I am here. My hummy and vet can give you more info but so far I am super healthy and do not need any medication.  Won't you be the one to love me?

For more information, or to meet this beautiful kitty, contact Melissa at melissacaffey@yahoo.com or call her at 512-577-0925.


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